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The Shahmurad Monastery

The Shahmurad (Shkhmurad or Getakitsk) monastery complex, hidden in the Tavush forest, is one of the non-functioning and half-ruined sanctuaries in Armenia. Shah Murad Monastery was built in the 13th century. It is located in Verin Tsaghkavan village of Tavush region. The village of Shah Murad was located in the territory of the monastery, of which only a small part remains. The monastery is a modest structure, composed of four structures of modest size. Shahmurad was the cultural and enlightenment center of the population of the upper, middle stream villages of the Varagajur River, the famous place of pilgrimage. The builders of the monuments did not intend to surprise or boast about anything. The monastic complex consists of a church, a chapel next to it, a south porch, and a structure called "Khoranik" next to the church and the porch. The first three main structures are built of hewn stone, and the "Altar" is made of lead-plastered, half-hewn stones. In addition to these structures, the monastic complex also had auxiliary buildings, apartments for the congregation, a fence, etc. At present, there are piles of stones left on the eastern side of the monastery.
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