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Visit Tavush. Feel our warmth

Being located in the north-eastern part of territory of the republic of Armenia Tavush is one of the most unique offbeat destinations that you should definitely explore. This place is known for its picturesque natural beauty, mountain scenery and mild climate. Not to mention its majestic mountains, healing springs, mineral waters and fresh air. Tavush almost feels like something out of a movie set; for its so idyllic. Here you can get away from everyday hustle and fill your day with activities different from your daily routine. Its tranquility and refreshing nature makes Tavush an ideal place not only for occasional getaways but also for work and life.

Get on a zipline along the celebrated splendor and majestic mountains and witness the spectacular sunset, as well as an unrivaled cliffside vantage point. This place is a real paradise for those who want to combine adrenaline and vacation in the lap of nature. Unleash your inner cowboy, the Indiana Jones or Lawrence of Arabia deep within, and hop in the saddle for the trip of a lifetime! It’s impossible not to indulge in vast haven of local cuisine. Food and beverages have never tasted so good. Enjoy the spectacular range of wines from local wineries and famous Tavush`s khorovats without any guilt.

Tavush is an up-and-coming destination that attracts large groups of travelers. In the vicinity of the city of Ijevan there is a treasure trove of well-preserved architectural marvels such as Lastiver caves in which people lived 10 thousand years ago. Here you can experience the local nature and culture. Hiking enthusiasts can visit the Dilijan National Park, Gosh and Parz lakes, following the forest paths that are part of the Transcaucasian Trail. Moreover the area abounds in natural beauty, forests, small waterfalls with their mystical views. Bright geological forms, frozen in various shades of green, amaze the eye and touch to the depths of your soul. Sheer cliffs, endless mountain peaks covered in forests are masterpieces of nature every traveler needs to see!

When you’re here, make sure to visit the medieval monasteries which are famous for their distinctive architectural style, and surrounding them khachkars waiting to be discovered. As well as small chapels that have some kind of special energy, fraught with a source of knowledge about the life of ancient ancestors. This region is also attractive for lovers of historical and cultural tourism due to the presence of a large number of fortresses and castles which worth a visit with all the conveniences to ensure that your trip is not just unique but also adventurous!


Tavush region of the Republic of Armenia is located in the north-eastern part of the territory of the Republic of Armenia. It includes extended communities  of Ijevan, Dilijan, Noyemberyan, and Berd. The region borders with Gegharkunik and Kotayk marzes in the south, Lori marz in the west, Georgia in the north, and Azerbaijan in the east. The region has 5 urban communities: Ijevan, Dilijan, Noyemberyan, Berd and Ayrum, and 57 rural.

Tavush extends to the outer layer of the Lesser Caucasus mountain ranges, to the mountains of Virahayots, Gugarats, and Miapor. Most of the area has 800-1700 m․ height: The lowest point of the region (Debedavan village) is located 379 m above sea level at the height, and the highest point is Mount Miapor with 2993 m.

Tavush is the most forested region of Armenia. The main tree species are beech, oak, hornbeam, linden, ash, maple, birch, juniper, walnut, and forest berry plants. The region is also rich in many tea plants: cranberry, thyme, mint. Fauna is no less diverse; Caucasian spotted deer, European deer, brown bear, rabbit, wolf, fox, lynx, mink and many other animals are found here. But the most amazing animal on your path will be a real leopard!

More than 50 plants found in Tavush are listed in the RA Red Book, as well as most animals and birds. As a result, specially protected areas have been created in the region: Dilijan National Park, Ijevan, Arjatkhleni, Gandzakar, Akhnabad and Zikatar sanctuaries, Ijevan and Soran arboretums.

The region abounds in water resources: the Aghstev and Debed rivers (occupying a small basin), as well as Voskepar, Varagavan, Tavush, Khndzorut. Among the lakes are Parz, Zhangot and Gosh.

The region is no less rich in mineral waters: Dilijan Frolova, Ttu Jur, Aknakhbyur, Vazashen, Voskepar, Bldani. Waterfalls are not uncommon here: 15 meters above Khndzorut there is Sharach waterfall, and 3 km from  Yenokavan village Lastiver waterfall located, in the vicinity of Haghartsin monastery complex there is Hidden Waterfall as well as the Shahot waterfall hid among the rocky mountains.

Climate in the region is temperate, with moderately hot summers and mild winters. The northern and northeastern lowlands are characterized by a dry subtropical climate. The region has a mild climate, rich mountain oxygen-clean, and healing air. Moreover, due to mountainous features, the southern and northern parts of the region are quite different in terms of climatic conditions.

In the northern parts, winters are warm, sparse, with few cloudy days. The average temperature in January is 0°C. The summer is quite hot, the average temperature in July is 23-24 ° C, the maximum temperature reaches 36 ° C. The average annual temperature in the southern parts of the region is 6-7 ° C. In winter, the frosts are moderate, the average temperature in January is -5 ° C. In the summer months it is cool and moderately hot (32 ° C).

Tavush region is one of the agricultural regions of the republic. In recent years, horticulture, winemaking, and beekeeping have been actively developing here – industries that gained a great reputation in the past.

Do not be surprised if you find products from Tavush region in other countries. Wines, brandy, canned food, mineral water, as well as stone, wood, and more recently, textile products are in high demand.