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The Girl’s Fortress

The castle is located about 16 km south-west of the city of Ijan, on the top of a forested mountain, which is surrounded on all sides by high cliffs, at the same time protected by artificial, pyramidal walls. There is a small guardhouse inside the entrance. In addition to the ruined apartments inside the castle, there is a church with two reservoirs with a "cross" layout. One of the reservoirs is very large. The water, through a fired clay pipe, was first poured into a small pool, and from there another pipe was poured into a large reservoir. All the buildings of the castle, like the walls, are made of bluish basalt and covered with solid lime mortar. The historical-archaeological value of this castle is very great, because its integrity is well preserved. There is a legend left among the people about the ruined bath of the castle. It is said that there was a beautiful girl who had her own army. Many princes, fascinated by her beauty, wanted to get married, but she refused. When they could not persuade, they wanted to use force. The princess, gathering the people under her control, builds a fortress and shelters there with her army. The girl's stubbornness and bravery make Prince Mantash even angrier. He built the Mantash fortress in front of Aghjaberd and carried out frequent attacks on Aghjaberd. They all end in failure, because the girl always wins. Another time he sent troops to Mantash Fortress. The girl's army wins the battle again. After that, Mantash asks for peace. They agree that each of them should stay in his castle, as a sign of friendship, they build the above-mentioned bath on the bank of the Aghst River.

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