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Aghjka berd (Kyz-Kala)

The fortress is located about 16 km south-west of the city of Ijevan, on the top of a wooded mountain, which is surrounded on all sides by high rocks, at the same time protected by artificial pyramidal walls, there is a small gatehouse inside the entrance. In addition to destroyed apartments, the fortress has two reservoirs and a church with a cross plan․ One of the reservoirs is very large․ Water from a hardened clay pipe first poured into a small pool, and from there, through another pipe, it poured into the large reservoir․ All structures of the fortress, as well as the fortification walls, were built of bluish basalt with hard lime mortar. The historical and archaeological value of this fortress is very high, since its integrity is well preserved. There is one legend left among the people about the fortress and the ruin of the bath. They say there was one beautiful girl who had her own army. Many princes, fascinated by her beauty, wanted to get married, but she rejected everyone. When they could not convince in any way, they wanted to take her with power. The princess, gathering the people at her disposal, builds a fortress and hides there with her army. The girl's persistence and deeds annoy prince Mantash even more and he builds Mantash-Kala opposite Kyz-Kala and often attacks KyzKala․ All attacks fail։ the girl always wins․ One day she sends troops to Mantash-Kala․ In battle, the girl's army wins again․ After that, Mantash asks for reconciliation․ They agree that everyone should stay in their own fortress, but as a sign of friendship, they build the aforementioned bathhouse on the bank of the Agstev river (now chala of Hamam).
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