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This Armenian monastic complex of the 10th-13th centuries is located 3 km southwest of the village of Achajur, on the slope of Paytapap Mountain. The complex consists of the main church, the vestibule and the 2nd ancient church. The only historical mention of this monastery is found in Kirokos Gandzaketsi. He says that Arzu Khatun, the wife of Prince Vakhtang of Haterk, made a curtain for Makaravank with her daughter. The historical and cultural center of the historical Mahkanaberd, Makaravank, is one of the famous medieval architectural complexes, one of the unique samples of Armenian culture, especially with the subtlety and perfection of its decoration. It is a magnificent example of the harmony of architectural structures and nature. There is a legend about Makaravank that the monastery was built by a master named Makar and his only son. The son was cutting stones, carving, and the father was arranging them. The walls of the monastery were gradually rising, and Master Makar was being cut off from the ground. He spent the night on the half-finished walls of the monastery until he had finished building. One day, Master Makar notices that the stones do not intersect, and the ornaments are not the same. He asks his son from above what happened. They answer that the boy is sick. Makar understands that his son is no longer alive.  However, according to the tradition, the master does not leave the construction of the holy temple incomplete. After the construction, he jumped from the top of the monastery and died. The master is buried under the wall of the monastery and the monastery is called Makaravank.

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