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The Tavush region of the RA is rich with great natural heritage - picturesque valleys, waterfalls, cliffs, plateaus, open spaces, natural reservoirs, caves, unique tree gardens, exotic trees and bushes, as well as a unique attraction of natural beauty and attractiveness to the region. built with historical-architectural monuments. Cyclopean castles of various eras, medieval cave dwellings in Lastiver, as well as early, middle and late medieval monastic complexes, small chapels, khachkars and tombstones are found here.

The Makaravank Medieval Monastery Complex is located 3 km southwest of Achajur village in Tavush region, on the slope of Mount Payatap.
The main church, according to the inscription on the south-facing khachkar, was built in 1205. Externally rectangular, inwardly cross, on either side of the altar has a domed structure with two-storeyed pavilions built of pink andesite stones (the north-west pier was later rebuilt in the pavilion).
Makaravank's second oldest church (X-XI centuries) is to the northeast of the complex, built of semiprecious red tuff stones, and XIII centuries. rebuilt roof and dome with the same tuff stones.
The vestibule of Makaravank (1207), to the east of the ancient church, and to the south of the main, with a nearly square plan, with a central pillar of four pillars, is built of rosewood andesite. On the base of the dome there are the initials of the names of the builders of the dome.
In the northeast corner of the ancient church of the Gavit and the Complex are preserved the walls of a rectangular plan with white stone (XIII century).
In the eastern part of the complex stands a ridge of red and reddish-andesite with intricate cross-stones (trabecid, with a rectangular wing on the west); To the north of the church is a small, half-ruined chapel.
Makaravank Monastery Complex with its originality, richness and variety of ornaments is one of Akhtamar, Bgheno Noravank, Gandzasar and occupies an important place in Armenian architecture.

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