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The historical-architectural reserve is located in Gosh village, 15 km east of Dilijan. The monastery was founded by the famous medieval psychologist, scientist, fable writer, jurist Mkhitar Gosh on the site of the Old Getik monastery, which was completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1186. The formation of the complex began in the XII century and completed in about a hundred years. So it is more united by the architecture of the monuments that are part of it. It was first called Nor Getik Monastery, then it inherited the name of its founder and  was called Goshavank. Goshavank was one of the famous centers of medieval culture and writing. They also taught law, historiography, philosophy, as well as the arts such as rhetoric, miniature painting, music, and writing schools. The ornaments of the monument are St. The khachkars on the pedestal on both sides of the entrance to the Church of the Enlightenment, decorated with delicate jewelry, thanks to which they received the nickname "embroiderer". Such a khachkar is erected on the right side of the entrance of the chapel named after the Holy Spirit. Being the best samples of Armenian khachkars, masterpieces of medieval Armenian decorative art, these khachkars have been widely recognized and highly appreciated.
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