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Dilijan National Park

The nature of Tavush region is amazingly rich and diverse. Where man does not intervene, nature lives and forms according to its own, natural laws. Dilijan National Park is full of amazing natural "creations". The park area is one of the unique corners of the nature of Armenia, which stands out with its rich and unique biodiversity. Strict the cut relief creates a unique variety of natural conditions. Dilijan National Park is rich and diverse flora Occupying about 1% of the territory of the Republic of Armenia, it includes Armenia more than 25% of vascular plants - 977 species. The flora of the national park includes 902 species of flowering plants, 40 of which are rare. 29 species are registered in the Red Book of Armenia. The main tree species are beech, oak, hornbeam, linden, ash, juniper. Dilijan reserve contains the remnants of the third era - redwood (crescent, ken) parks, of which Aghnabatin (Getik basin) is the largest in Transcaucasia. The reserve has a rich fauna. There are brown bears, deer, mink, stone urchin, forest cat, fox, lynx, Persian squirrel, as well as many reptiles and amphibians. There are also many birds: Caucasian woodpecker, mountain turkey, gray parrot, woodpecker, thrush and pigeons. Climates are practiced by Ussurian spotted deer, noble deer and wild boar. In the area of the reserve are Haghartsin, Jukhtak, Goshavank, Matosavank իհարկե, of course, the beautiful Gosh Lake.  
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