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The Transcaucasian Trail is a regional trail, which is approximately 3,000 km from the Sea of ​​Ara to the Araks River. Dilijan National Park has 20 and more hiking trails, which are 100 km and longer. The trail runs around the community, touching all the villages and historical sites along the way. Khachardzan to Gosh Lake We start the hike from Khachardzan, passing through a historical valley full of orchards, up to the plateau. On the way you will meet meadows through which the villagers of Gosh-Khachardzan, abandoned through the village of Jermakayan, approach their fields and gardens. Following the area covered with greenery and flowers, you will reach the entrance of the forest, and from there to Lake Gosh. This trail contains long-forgotten historical information. The road follows old and overgrown mountain paths, through which the villagers of Jermakavan gathered fruit from their gardens by the river. After destroying the village, the roads lost their significance and were forgotten. Read more: Transcaucasian Trail in Dilijan Haghartsin Monastery to Hovk The locals tell about a secret, ancient road, which was once used by the princess of Aghkaberd to reach Haghartsin Monastery. To avoid the attention of the surrounding princes, the princess walked unnoticed in the middle of the forest. It was said that the route was lost over time, but recently some parts of it were discovered and now you can cross it as part of the Transcaucasian trail. The highest views of the South Caucasus panorama open along the Hovk mountain range, towards the valleys of the national park, towards central Tavush and  Ijevan. Read more: Transcaucasian Trail in Dilijan  Dilijan Center to Jukhtakvank and Haghartsin Monasteries Get ready for a serious trail. You will cross the mountains and gorges from Jukhtakvank at one end of Dilijan to Haghartsin. The beautiful, but at the same time difficult walk will allow you to explore the dense forests around Dilijan - high mountains, pass by abandoned fields, khachkar fields. Lands not claimed by people…Virgin nature… Do not get lost in the open maze, follow the signs and Use a map or GPS device to stay on the chosen path. Read more: Transcaucasian Trail in Dilijan  
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