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Printmaking is one of the oldest artforms. An analog practice, it has been in use for several thousand years through today.

Two floors of the Dilijan Local Lore Museum and Art Gallery are dedicated to displaying artworks by Armenian and international artists, some of which are excellent examples of traditional printmaking. These works were made using traditional printmaking techniques, such as etching, engraving, linocut, lithograph, drypoint, aquatint, and more. Each is slightly different in its process and outcomes, and the museum provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to explore, understand, and compare a variety of techniques.

After taking a guided tour of the museum, discover the artistic process behind the art of printmaking through a hands-on workshop. During the workshop, you will learn the specialized technique of transferring images from a matrix (i.e., a surface that can be manipulated to hold ink) onto another surface, such as paper or fabric. You will also learn how to differentiate various printmaking practices. All necessary materials and equipment will be provided to create your own print based on already-incised images on different matrices. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to take home your new artwork and a new passion for printmaking.

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