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The Gaga fortress is located to the east of the Shavarshavan village, on the southern side of the Gaga valley, was built in 989-1020 by the name of Gagik A. Bagratuni. In 1123, the Georgian king David the Builder freed the Gaga fortress from the seljuk turks. At the end of the 12th century, the fortress was handed over to Vahram Zakaryan as a reward for his military exploits and services to the Georgian palace. The Gaga fortress was the residence of the Vahramyans, a branch of the Zakaryans, because of which it was landscaped in a short time and became one of the prominent centers of the north-eastern part of Armenia. In 1236 the Mongols laid siege to the fortress. After the second half of the 13th century, the Gaga fortress is no longer mentioned. The fortress walls of the fortress, pools carved into the rock, filled with water brought from outside and rainwater, are preserved. More than 20 caves, carved into the rocks, served as barracks, have chimneys and peepholes. In the fortress walls of the fortress, on a high mountain, there is a small church called St. Sarkis, built of polished creamy stone. It was renovated several times and still stands today
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