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Tavush Tour. Day 2

After paying tribute we were on the road again with off-road masters heading to #Berd. Aside from road this area has so much hidden beauty. Not to mention its majestic mountains, untouched forests, healing springs, clean water and fresh mountain air. If you nature lover this place is heaven!

What could be better you ask? And we have an answer. Save this location because this place is 100% must be in a visit list. Nor Varagavank monastery is a unique place which amazes the eye with the eccentricity of both the color schemes and the unique ornaments that could be looked at for hours. An interesting note is that it was designed according to the architecture of Varagavank, one of the most important monasteries in historical Armenia (Van province).

Do you want to know about a rarer phenomenon? In fact, we really became those lucky ones who, in such a short period of time, managed to capture so many unique things, no less beautiful of which was a raspberry sunset.

We said it once and we would say it twice – nothing opens up the appetite like being in nature. Discover this beautiful place tavushterakxzi and taste dishes of national cuisine. Take our advice and enjoy every drop of local wine, the unique taste of pork barbecue, natural products on the banks of the Tavush reservoir

After a day full of adventures we went to overnight stay and at Kamar hotel. What could we suggest our guests except comfortable stay? Here we surprise you again – a relaxation in a warm water pool. Best decision after a long day. 

We are ready to bet what you think we embellish reality, but here’s a dare for you, come and check for yourself. Follow our publications to learn about the final locations – day 3 (Ijevan community).     

Well, well well, we made you wait but it was definitely worth it

Let us tell you about the most mysterious, off-beat but yet not less interesting destinations of our country #Noyemberyan and #Berd enlarged communities. So that was the second day of our Tavush tour and again with Around Tavush team we headed straight to #Berdavan fortress.

Sounds like we`re talking about historical series but no, here is history itself. Come and witness this quirky site, nestled among the Noyemberyan hills, for sure this place is a pleasure for history buffs. It’s also worth noting that it’s a lot of khachkars, hidden paths, ceramic slabs, metal axes and other items were found at this place, giving an idea of the life of those who lived and worked in Berdavan.

Having plunged into the depths of history, we set off to discover other interesting places in the area. It took us literally 15 minutes to find ourselves in a tropical garden. “Now you are telling stories” you may say but if you don`t believe us meet our dear friend Eric Hakhverdyan. This man is a guru of horticulture. Could you imagine pepino, pitahaya, (dragon fruit), papaya, passion fruit etc. growing all together in Armenia? We didn`t also until saw with our own eyes. And if you are lucky enough Eric would share some farm culture tips for your own garden. Book a room in Berdavan Guest House and enjoy exotic fruits and plants without leaving the country.

On passing through Noyemberyan`s hills we did a lunch break at Bishi enjoying a very tasty Asian and European meal. But here is a note! Do not deny yourself anything because the food here is excellent, and the prices are low.

If you think that`s it you’re mistaken, Noyemberyan has more to suggest all you need is a little bit of interest. We`re talking about nature, history, and what about art? Here meet our next dear partners Vitroom studio. This story is about how small things can convey a whole mood. Every piece must be seen. On the way back from Noyemberyan we couldn`t pass through one place we guess very special for locals named Saint Astvatsatsin Church of Voskepar. This church, a true witness of history, was built in the 5-7th century. Standing proudly it embodies the strength, bravery, and fortitude of the spirit of the Armenian people.