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10 Steps to Take in Tavush
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10 Steps to Take in Tavush

10 Steps to Take in Tavush

If you once appear in Tavush region and have no idea what to do, then follow these 10 steps and you will discover the national features and characteristics, customs and traditions typical to Armenia.

  1. Participate in master classes of wood-carving, including kitchenware, jewelry, painting, statuary and discover your hidden talents in Art School of Koghb, Arar Cultural Center, with Vahe Mayilyan.
  2. Learn how to prepare Armenian national food, prepare and then taste it. You can have this tasty experience in “Kchuch” restaurant, Real Tavush B&B, Kari Lake, Aghavnatun and Chateau de Manvel.
  3. Enjoy a super magical picnic with your friends in the wonderful mountainous resort Kari lake (Stone lake).
  4. If you are a wine lover, we suggest you to visit Wine Yard(Located in Achajur village), Ijevan Wine & Brandy Factory and Berdqavan Wine Factory where you can taste various types of wines.
  5. If you are a lover of sculptures then you will get pleasure of having a nice walk in the Sculptural Park of Ijevan. You will have the chance to get acquainted with sculptures belonging to different centuries and made by prominent sculptors from different parts of the world. By the way, Ijevan is known as a city of 100 sculptures.
  6. Discover 650 species of trees and shrubs in Ijevan Dendropark. Have a promenade there, also take tea and some sweet with you and the wonder of nature will be perfect.
  7. Visit Yell Extreme Park! Being located in the heart of the astonishing Yenokavan mountains, Yell Extreme Park is a real paradise for those who want to combine adrenaline and eco environment. Park offers more than 10 unusual and creative activities and is recognized as one of the most unique amusement parks of the region.
  8. Go for hiking to more than 8 different directions in Tavush(Hiking tour to Aghjka Berd, Arakelots Monastery, Chechaqar, Goshavank, Shkhmurad Monastery, Srvegh Monastery, Tesilk mountain) and enjoy your time in dreamy mountains.
  9. Have you promised your sweetheart to go to the edge of the world with her? Then keep your promise, visit The Edge of The World B&B.
  10. If you are interested in apiculture(beekeeping) ,then visit Haghartsin Monastery Complex, follow the traditional processes of beekeeping and take your amount of



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