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We offer you another interesting trip to Tavush region, this time already

1. Ijevan Dendropark
2. Makaravank Monastery
3. Vardan Mamikonyan tree
4. Monastery of Crvizi or Moro Dzoro

Ijevan Dendropark was founded in 1962, there are about 650 species of trees and shrubs,
mainly imported from China, Japan and North America.
Dendropark is also the only trailblazer in the world.

The next point of the route will be Achajur village of Tavush region, in the forest near it,
hidden in the bushes of trees is the magnificent Makaravank Complex. Makaravank Complex was built
in the 10th-13th centuries and with the originality, richness and variety of its ornaments
Important place in Armenian architecture.

The next stop will be Aknaghbyur village. An ancient oak that has become a pilgrimage site has been preserved here
a tree planted by Vardan Mamikonyan according to the popular memorial. Same
USSR Marshal Hovhannes Baghramyan also planted a tree there
chapel – St. By the name of Vardan.



2 days





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