Moro Dzoro
Moro Dzoro is a small church located 5km to the east from Ijevan City, in the village of Lusahovit. According to its architectural style, the church was built in 7th century and was named Moro Dzoro (gorge of raspberried) due to the name of the village.
There are inscriptions that King Giorgi of Georgia reconstructed the church and later released it from taxes.
This monument with its ancient and remarkable architectural composition is located
nowadays in the center of the village, surrounded by huge trees, many springs and amazing nature, which makes it a wonderful place to organize holidays.

Makaravank is a monastery complex dating in 13th century. Makaravank with all its unique decorations, richness and diversity is always compared with Akhtamar, Bghno-Noravanq, Gandzaqar monasteries.
Makaravank monastery complex is located 15km far from the city Ijevan, in the village of Achajur. It has a perfect geographical position being in the valleys of Aghstev and Kur rivers and surrounded by mountain range..
The historical and cultural center Makaravank is one of the famous medieval architectural complexes. It is also a magnificent example of the architectural structures in harmony with nature.

Matosavank & Jukhtak Churches

Small monastery of Matosavank is situated in the area of Dilijan National Park and is just 3 km far from Dilijan town. The complex has two churches and courtyard. The main St. Astvatsatsin church was built in 1247. Now it is partly destroyed.
Jukhtak churches - St. Grigor and St. Astvatsatsin (both from 11-12th centuries) are situated also not far from town Dilijan (3,2 km). The
cupola of St. Grigor collapsed long ago.

Qari Lich
The Qari Lich is situated on the left side of highway from Dilijan to Ijevan (only 1,4 km from the road) surrounded by a very nice forest. The Qari Lich as one of the most beautiful places in Armenia, is a perfect place for daily trips for individuals but especially for families. There is almost everything for a family stay: fishing in the lake, making barbeque, just laying down on hammocks under the trees and enjoying the virgin nature.
Aghavnavank monastery complex was built in12-13th centuries in the village of Aghavnavank. It is also known as Anapat St.Astvatsatsin and Aghnabat monastery. Being located in Aghnabat yew forest of Dilijan National Park it is a perfect destination for short hikes. There are also ruins found at the south of the monastery probably covering earlier the residential buildings and partly the church of the complex.

Goshavank monastery is located in the village of Gosh surrounded with wonderful nature. Goshavank complex is directly related to medieval scientist and lawyer Mkhitar Gosh.
Goshavank was one of the most magnificent cultural and educational centers of Medieval Armenia, where theology, philosophy, architecture, painting, writing and music were taught.

One of the highlights of the monastery is the unique cross-stone by Poghos the sculptor from 13th century near St. Grigor church.


The Haghartsin Monastery complex is one of the most famous spiritual and cultural centers of Armenia. It is located in 18km distance from Dilijan and is surrounded with thick forests and wonderful landscapes. It is a unique example of architecture built in 11-12th centuries. Haghartsin monastery complex consists of 3 churches, two courtyards (one is ruined), a dining hall, praying halls and cross-stones.


irants monastery is located on the left bank of the river Kirants-Jur, 12 km East from the village of Kirants and is surrounded with amazing nature. It consists of churches, a refectory and a couple of other buildings all surrounded with walls. Almost all of the monastery structures are brick-built forming one of the unique architectural monuments of medieval Armenia. The monastery was built in 13th century. According to one of the legends the name of the monastery name is associated with the word Sunday (Kiraki).

Lastiver Anapat
Lastiver is one of the most popular camping places in Armenia especially for those who preferring active rest. Isolated from civilization, the Lastiver Anapat eco-camp offers unique opportunity to enjoy the peaceful and positive energy of the gorge, waterwall and the virgin nature.
Parz Lich
Parz Lich is located in 9 km North-East from town Dilijan. The Lake is surrounded with fantastic beauty and breathtaking nature. It is one of the famous and most enjoyable places by travelers from Armenia and all over the world.