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Baghanis Church, Fortress

The northern slope of Baghanis village hill accomodates the dilapidated church of St. Astvatsatsin dating back to the 5-6th centuries. Ruins of Baghanis fortress (1st millenium BC) lie in the forest, 1-2 kilometers away from the village.

St. Astvatsatsin Church of Dovegh

St. Astvatsatsin church of the 12th century is located 4 kilometers south-east of the village; no sources of mentioning have been preserved.

Ghalinjakar Fortress

The 17th century Ghalinjakar fortress, half-ruined, lies on a triangular hill on the right side of Koghbajur river, 1 kilometer east of the village of Berdavan. The village keeps traces of other fortresses as well, which date back to 2-1 milleniums BC (2 kilometers north-east of the village). There is another 17th century church in the village as well, St. Nshan, which is surrounded by cross-stones.

Khechi Dzor Chapel

Khechi Dzor chapel was built in the 18th century; it is located 3 kilometers east of the village of Lchkadzor. The Turks have completely ruined the chapel; later the villagers brought back the chapel stones one by one and rebuilt the chapel in the same place.
The Daniel fortress dating back to the 2-1 millenium BC and the graveyard of 1
st millennium BC are situated one kilometer north-east of the village; the Arkuni fortress dating back to the 3rd millennium BC lies in the north-eastern part.


Mshkavank monastery complex (12-13th centuries) is situated 3-4 kilometers south-west of the village of Koghb, on a plateau covered with forest, surrounded by numerous cross-stones and ancient tombstones. There is also a chapel-shrine 300-400 meters north of the monastery.

St. Astvatsatsin Church of Voskepar

The church is set on the road from Ijevan to Noyemberyan, on a highland in the village of Voskepar. Voskepar mountains surrounding the church are covered with thick forests. There are no historic or litographic records about the period of its construction. Basing on the architectural analysis, it is dated to the 6-7th centuries and is ranked among the Mastara type monuments. The church has been renovated.